What is Product management?

For those of you , who are new to the term product management. This blog gives a brief explanation of what does it means to be a product manager. The role of a product manger changes within organizations and industries and many project manager roles are often advertised as product management. Classical product management is the process of overseeing and guiding the development and life cycle of a product, from conception to retirement. A product manager is responsible for defining the product strategy, identifying the target market and customers, creating the product roadmap, and ensuring that the product is developed, launched, and marketed successfully.

The product management process involves several key steps, including:

  1. Market research: Gathering data and insights on customer needs, preferences, and behaviors, as well as competitive products and market trends.
  2. Product definition: Defining the product’s features, functionality, and design based on customer feedback and market research.
  3. Product development: Working closely with cross-functional teams such as designers, engineers, and marketers to develop and launch the product.
  4. Product launch: Creating a go-to-market strategy, including pricing, distribution, and promotion, to successfully launch the product.
  5. Product evaluation: Monitoring the product’s performance, collecting customer feedback, and making adjustments as needed to ensure its ongoing success.

Throughout the product management process, the product manager acts as a liaison between various teams and stakeholders, ensuring that everyone is aligned on the product vision and goals. Product management is a critical function for any company that wants to develop successful products that meet the needs of their customers and the market. A very common Venn diagram, as shown in the image on the right, that explains the main interfaces of product management: UX, Technology and Business

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